SCHEMA ENGINEERS L.P. is a group of Engineers with a broad scientific background, capable of designing and implementing integrated building solutions. We stay committed to providing high-quality services, tailor-made to each one of our clients.

Architectural Design

The key objective of our design is the implementation of creative, aesthetical, and anthropocentric ideas. By comprehending our client's needs and vision, we create high-quality, energy-saving spaces, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Construction - Project Management

Our Engineers have extensive experience on building and highway construction projects. Hence, we manage to deliver to our clients, fulfilling the budget and time schedule requirements.


One of our strongest assets is the in-depth knowledge of the Hellenic Legislation, regarding building and operation permits. This way, we can significantly shorten the time span between the commencement of the design and the issuing of the building permit.

Structural Design

Our structural department owns over 20 licenses of state-of-the-art software, for drafting and designing concrete, steel, and timber structures. Having undertaken large-scale projects in the public and private sector all over Europe (Greece, Cyprus, UK, etc.) and overseas (US, Middle East, Australia, etc.), our engineers are familiar with almost all sets of codes (EN, BS, DIN, IBC, etc.).

Turning ideas into reality

The Office

Since its founding in 2011, SCHEMA ENGINEERS L.P. is an interdisciplinary group of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Architects. Our main fields of expertise are building, infrastructure and oil & gas projects design and construction. Given our close collaboration with each other and our in-house, full-time, experienced Engineers, we can proudly claim to be a one-stop-shop for our clients.